Home groups

Home groups do what it says on the tin – they’re a group of people (between 4 and 20) who meet in someone’s home to look at the Bible and pray together, to support one another as disciples of Jesus, to look outwards in mission and to grow in friendship together. They’re a great way of getting to know others in the church more deeply.


Most of our home groups meet on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening with a few others meeting at different times during the week.


Some of our groups are general in make up, others have a specific focus, so for example they might be tailored for new disciples, young people or senior cits etc. We hope you’ll be able to find a group that’s a good fit for you.


Ruth Berry currently has oversight of home groups and she can be contacted personallly or via homegroup.info@clevedonbaptistchurch.org


Visit our ‘find a home group’ page to find out more info about our groups and see if there’s one meeting near you. While you’re at it you could check out our ‘home group resources’ page to see some of the materials we use / have available as well as some of our upcoming events.