Discipleship Year

Accelerating your growth in faith, mission and leadership.

An internship year for 18-24year olds at a vibrant town-centre church.



CBC Internship 2016 full version from CBCwebadmin on Vimeo.


Clevedon Baptist Church is a passionate community of disciples right in the heart of Clevedon, with about 200 committed members and an even larger fringe. We are blessed with a fantastic building right in the central square of this seaside town, itself located on the M5 close to Bristol and Weston-Super-Mare. We’re excited about the future God has in store for us as we seek to grow in Christ and engage missionally within our context. Why not join us?!   We’re partnering with New Wine’s Discipleship Year to offer an internship, an exciting year of discovery and adventure for 18–24 year olds. During the year you would:


  1. Develop key leadership skills.
  2. Deepen your knowledge and experience of God.
  3. Explore the calling and purpose that God has for your life,
  4. Discover, exercise and nurture your spiritual gifts and passions.
  5. Grow through serving in a local church.
  6. Experience the adventure of overseas mission.



At CBC we’re on a journey towards becoming a church of multiple congregations, and so we’re as part of a year with us you’d not only be submerged in our main congregation, but also be part of our all-age congregation-planting team that is seeking to connect with families in our town. You would play a key role and we’d seek to help you tailor your contribution to fit in with your passions and gifts. The posts would be part time: a minimum of 12 hours during the week + 8 hours on the Tuesday when you’ll receive some great theological teaching and practical training at our nearest DY training centre in Bristol (Woodlands Church).


The costs towards the weekly training and national events component of New Wine’s Discipleship Year is £980, plus you’ll need to raise an extra £600 (depending on flight costs) if you want to throw in an overseas mission trip.


You would need to find a part-time job to support yourself during the year, but here at CBC we’d look to set you up with a host household, together with a supervisor, mentor and support family, and make sure you get some great hands-on experience in ministry and mission.



For more information / an exploratory chat contact Phil  (pictured) our associate minister for discipleship. Home: 01275235254 Mobile: 07845283952 Email: phil.j.durrant@gmail.com






Discipleship Year 2016-17 from NewWineEngland on Vimeo.