Exploring Faith?

Resources, Courses & Companionship for Spiritual Explorers


Exploring faith and spirituality? Intrigued by Jesus? As a church we’d love to help and resource you in any way we can. Below are some resources we’ve found have helped, but do get in touch if you want to know more.




















We’re piloting an informal gathering exploring soul health and spirituality called Soulfeed. Meeting once a month on Tuesday nights upstairs at The Little Harp and looking at themes that are good for the soul. For more info contact Phil.



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The Alpha Course is run all over the world and is for anyone who wants to explore life’s big questions and get to grips with the landscape of Christian faith. Each of the 6 sessions starts with refreshments, a short talk about the Christian faith, followed by an opportunity to share your thoughts and discuss with others what you think about what’s been said. There’s no pressure, follow up, or charge. We run it with friends from other churches in the town.The next course will start in Easter 2018.

For more information contact Phil (details below), or to book direct email Jean at alpha.cticlevedon@gmail.com



As a church we’re passionate about believers’ baptism, a practice that signals spiritual birth. We put on a 4 week course regularly to allow people to explore what baptism means, what kind of life the act of baptism kick-starts, and what it means to become an active member of your local church.





For those who feel they’re being called to be disciples of Jesus, and are hungry for more, we are able to run a small group that introduces some of the core beliefs and practices of the Jesus life.The modules include a good look at the Sermon on the Mount, the Apostles’ Creed, and the 8 Modes of Mission.


Soul Buddies

If you’re up for it, we can link you up with an experienced follower of Jesus who you can meet up with over a coffee and journey with you as you continue to explore the life God is calling you to live.


Get your hands on a Bible

We have free Bibles available, ask or text Phil (details below) or the church office if you’d like one. Alternatively, you can easily search and find free Bible mobile aps or read the Bible online.


Other Websites You Might Find Helpful

  • Alpha youtube channel – video stories of people who have discovered Jesus through the alpha course (see above), plus talks tackling life’s big questions
  • bethinking.org – find articles tackling some of the big questions often asked of Christians.
  • the fuel cast – a daily video exploring what it means to be a follower of Jesus


Get in touch

If you want to find out more about any of the above, or if you can’t see yourself fitting into this particular ‘pathway’ but would be hungry to explore faith in some other way, why not have a chat with Phil (pictured) about what your own journey of discovery might look like; he’d love to help. 


phil.j.durrant@gmail.com  /  07845283952