Exploring Faith?


New to the church? Intrigued by Jesus? Interested in exploring what it might mean to follow him? Well you’ve come to the right place – we’d love to journey with you as you explore and encounter our life-changing God. Click here for a video explaining the ‘gospel’ which we Christians get so excited about, or check out some of the opportunities listed below to explore faith with us.


Newcomers Cake


We’d love to get to know you, introduce ourselves, and signpost opportunities to explore faith and get involved with what God is doing in this place. So if you’re new to church and haven’t worked out what the Christian faith is all about why not come along to one of our regular Newcomers’ Cake slots after a morning church service? Free cake, a short presentation about what we’re about as a church, and an opportunity to sign up for a ‘next step’ (see below) if you want to. What’s not to like?! These events happen regularly – so contact the church office for more info or to express an interest in attending one (phone: 01275 876878; email: clevedonbaptistchurchoffice@gmail.com)


Pathway for New Disciples (ABC)


As a church we have a ‘pathway for new disciples’ with a number of possible ‘next steps’ for those who are exploring faith. Currently this consists of 3 steps:

  • Alpha Course
  • Baptism and membership course
  • Cell Group for New Disciples



A is for Alpha

alpha logo


The Alpha Course is for everyone who wants to explore life’s big questions and get to grips with the Christian faith. Each session involves food, a short talk about the Christian faith, and a chance to share your thoughts and discuss with others what you think about what’s been said. There’s no pressure, follow up, or charge. This 10 week course is run all over the world. Here in Clevedon we run it with our friends from other churches in the town.

The next course starts September. Come for a pudding/slice of cake, a talk, and a chance to discuss your thoughts with others exploring faith. If you can’t wait that long let us know, we can easily run a simpler version of the course in the meantime.

Contact Phil on 01275 235254 for more info, or to book direct email Jean at alpha.cticlevedon@gmail.com



P1200842smB is for Baptism and Membership

When someone has decided to follow Jesus come-what-may, and to nail their colours to the mast, baptism and belonging to a local church is the clear next step according to the Bible. As Baptists we’re passionate about believers’ baptism, which is a dramatic outward sign of an inner transformation and choice. We put on a 4 week course regularly to allow people to explore what baptism means, what kind of life the act of baptism kick-starts, and what it means to become an active member of your local church. You can download the participants’ guide here [course leaders, your guide is here], and the exploring membership handbook here. There will be an opportunity during the course to decide whether baptism and membership are right for you at this time.

Follow the links below to read the stories of a few of those who have been baptised recently. (They are PDF documents, click again to open them):


Maggie Blackmore and Shaun Baynham – Oct 2014

Naomi Parslow – Nov 2014

Becky Elliott – Jan 2015

Emily Villis and Sean Gallagher – Mar 2015

Tom and Rachel Mason – April 2016

We’re hoping to run our next baptism and membership course in the near future. Let us know if you’re interested!

Phil Durrant (07845283952 / phil.j.durrant@gmail.com)



C is for Core Discipleshipapple core


For those who have decided they want to be disciples of Jesus, and are hungry for more, we are able to run a small group that caters for seekers and new disciples. This group would meet weekly to look at the Bible together, nurture some of the key habits of the Jesus way of life, and just generally have fun in a relaxed environment. After 12 months and you’ve mastered the discipleship basics (!) we’ll help you to find another home group at CBC that’ll be a good fit for you.


The 3 terms of content look at:upinout - wide2



IN – exploring the Christian lifestyle

UP – worshipping the God of Truth

OUT – sharing the good news with the world in word and action

For more information contact:

Phil Durrant (07845283952 / phil.j.durrant@gmail.com)


Buddy / Mentor


If you’re up for it, we’d also love to link you up with a more experienced disciple who you can meet up with every now and then over a coffee and who can journey with you as you continue to explore the life God is calling you to live.

For more information check out our Resources for Mentoring page, or contact:

Phil Durrant (07845283952 / phil.j.durrant@gmail.com)

David Tomlinson our Mentoring Co-ordinator (david.tomlinson@clevedonbaptistchurch.org).




If you can’t see yourself fitting into this particular ‘pathway’, why not have a chat with Phil (pictured) about what your own journey of discovery might look like; we’d love to help.