Resources for Personal Discipleship


This page includes resources to facilitate the discipleship of individuals. Click on the blue links to access the resources.


Holy Habitus Video Blog


Phil, our associate minister, has a weekly video blog on discipleship called Holy Habitus. The blogs are 3 minutes long and share some thoughts about how we can cultivate a deeper walk of discipleship with Jesus. Click here to visit the blog, enter your email address, and click ‘follow’ and you’ll get an email each week when a new blog is posted – simples! In case once a week is too infrequent for you(!), another great discipleship video resource can be found at, where you can sign up for a free daily reflection. Recommended!


  • Forming a New Habit – a worksheet to help you think through how to implement a new Christlike habit / behaviour into your ‘habitus’




Resources for Discerning ‘Next Steps’


  • Listening for God – tips for discerning God’s voice from some sermon slides on 1 Sam 3.
  • The MAP Course – A resource based on passages in the book of Acts for discerning what your next steps might be in terms of personal evangelism. Can be used on your own, in one-to-ones, or in small groups.



Resources for Exploring Gifting


In addition to the SHAPE Course available in the home group resources library in the church foyer, here are links to just five of the many ‘spiritual gifts surveys / questionnaires’ which a quick internet search can yield (some will be more useful than others):


  1. CPAS: Exploring Spiritual Gifts
  2. Gifted2Serve (online tool)
  3. Team Ministry Spiritual Gifts Inventory (online tool)
  4. Fivefold Ministries Questionnaire – from the book The Passionate Church: The Art of Life-Changing Discipleship, by Breen & Kallestad (Kingsway, 2005)). Alternatively you can find an online version of this tool at


For more opportunities to get involved keep an eye out for the volunteers board in the church foyer, or the volunteer opportunities section of the church members meeting papers. Alternatively you could get in touch with a leader in the ministry area you are interested in serving in by checking out the ‘who’s who?’ page and getting in touch.



Seasonal Resources


Advent Readings – A printable booklet of countdown readings for December 1 – 24 for individuals and families to use in the run up to Christmas.



Resources for Passionate Spirituality



The ‘Quiet Time’

The old song goes ‘read your Bible, pray every day, and you’ll grow grow grow!’ Whatever stage you’re at in your walk, reflection on scripture and a regular rhythm of prayer are essential for spiritual growth. Click here for some basic tips for getting ‘into the word’ and building a rhythm of prayer in your life.


Bible in One Year

bible in one year


Why not read the Bible in one year, using the excellent NLT One Year Bible?

This is what we did as a church in 2016 and below are some of the support materials / resources we produced to help one another stay the course.


Question Time

Phil video blogged his way through the One Year Bible and you can find the archive here, and we also published a One Year Bible Question Time. Listen below, or click on the hyper link, right click, and choose ‘save as’ to download.

Jan 9th

Is Genesis outdated and untrue? Did Methuselah really live that long? And what’s the deal with those Nephilites? Alex and Phil tackle some questions from our OYB readings in Genesis.

Jan 25th

Was Jacob’s wrestling match with God literal or metaphorical? Why don’t we call the Lord’s appearance to Abraham in Genesis the ‘coming’ like we do with Jesus’ arrival? How are Abraham and Isaac the good guys when then they risk their wives’ lives? And what on earth is the deal with mass pig drownings? All this and more in this episode of OYB Question Time!

Mar 3rd

What is a biblical response to the question of divorce? And what on earth are we to make of the book of Leviticus?

Mar 21st

Was it fair of God to harden Pharaoh’s heart? What can we learn from that for our own spiritual walk? And how can we cultivate a soft heart?

May 11th

What on earth are we to make of what looks like divinely sanctioned genocide in the Old Testament?

May 17th

What do we know about ‘the 72’ in Luke 10?

June 28th

‘I’m sorry – HOW many wives?!’ In this episode of Question Time we look at the question: What’s with all this polygamy in the Old Testament?

July 5th

‘Where did all the shields go, long time passing? Where did all the gold stuff go, long time ago?’ In this episode of Question Time we look at the question: What happened to the gold shields made by Solomon mentioned in 1 Kings 10:17?

August 18th

Dangerous Communion?! In this episode of Question Time, Antony talks to Alex about 1 Corinthians 11 and Paul’s sombre warning about the consequences of dishonouring the body of Christ and not taking the Lord’s Supper seriously.