General resources


This page provides links for downloadable resources. Click on the links below, click again for the PDF and print off. Keep an eye out for any new additions…





HG Materials Catalogue – as of May 2017

This is a list of the different home group resources owned by the church and available on request. Thanks to Sara Dodd for compiling it!


The Home Group MOT

A suggested resource to help with annually reviewing your home group. Celebrate what’s happened in the past year and listen for where God might want you to head in the future. Hand-outs can also be found here.


Communion Booklet

A large print booklet which includes the traditional pattern and prayers for sharing communion from Gathering for Worship. Can be used in small group settings or for visiting. Other patterns for communion can be found below as well:

– Communion based on the 23rd Psalm

– Communion based on the Feeding of the 5000

– Communion for Times of Change and Powerlessness

Bible Study Patterns

For a variety of reasons some people don’t feel comfortable preparing/leading a traditional Bible study. This document suggests simple alternative/creative outlines for facilitating Bible engagement in home groups.


Ten Top Tips for Developing New Home Group Leaders

Does what it says on the tin! Thanks to Sara Dodd for preparing these.


Pastoral Care and Home Groups

A set of notes regarding the way in which Pastoral care takes place within the Pastoral/Home Group System.


Vulnerable Adults

Who are ‘vulnerable adults’? What are we trying to protect vulnerable adults from? This document contains good practice guidelines for the care of vulnerable adults. Click on the title and then again to download and open.


Home Group Leaders – role description

A document that can be used as a Home Group leaders ‘job description’ or as guidance notes for training new assistant leaders.


Home Group Coordinators – role description

A description of the role of the home group co-ordinators.