Occasional Series & Events


This page provides links for the downloadable documents for those occasional series we do all together as home groups looking at specific topics. There is a special focus every Lent. Just click on the relevant link below to download the documents and then print them off.



Resilient Faith (Feb-Mar 2019)

In the run up to Easter in this year of FAITH we’ll be looking at how we can cultivate a Resilient Faith by making use of the sinewy spirituality of the Psalms. Hard copies will be available in the outer church office.



The Prayer Course (Feb-Mar 2018)

We used an used an excellent resource produced by the 24-7 Prayer movement. Each HG has been provided with hard copies of the leader ‘cheat sheets'(!), but they are also available along with the videos (downloadable) at the prayer course website here.


Group Up Training Day – Saturday 17th June 2017

We had our 2nd annual Group Up regional training event for HG leaders in June. For more info and seminar handouts visit our Group Up page.



The 8 Modes of Mission (Mar-May 2017)



Discerning your Home Group’s Purpose and Vision (May/June 2016)



Group Up Logo


Group Up Training Day (6th Feb 2016)

  • A training day for home group leaders on the topic ‘Growing in Groups: Leveraging the power and potential of small groups for spiritual growth’, with speaker David Lawrence. For more info and videos of David’s sessions click here.
  • Handouts for David’s presentation can be found here.
  • David’s summary slide can be found here.


BUILD Course (Feb/Mar 2016)

A home-grown course unpacking our prayer for 2016. Accompanying videos will be published in advance of the sessions here.


Reinvigorated Prayer (Feb/Mar 2015)

A home-grown course exploring prayer in the gospel of Luke. The series will tie in with our morning preaching series and some videos on prayer. The videos will be published at the beginning of the week here.



The MAP Course  (Jun/Jul 2014)MAP logo3

A home-grown course exploring how we can become more intentional in our personal evangelism.



Life on the Frontline (Oct/Nov 2013)


An excellent 6 week DVD resource from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity which explores how we might live out the call to be disciples in the places we find ourselves during the week. DVD available in HG resources library.



Prayer for Harvest Workers (w/c 10th June 2013)



Lent Jubilee (Feb/Mar 2013)



Becoming Better Partners (Oct/Nov 2012)