Resources for Teamwork and Leadership

Watch this space for leadership development events, as well as downloadable resources for teamwork and leadership. Click the blue links to download the documents.


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Growing Leaders Course


Growing Leaders is a fabulous opportunity to stir into greater flame both a leadership gift but also one’s personal discipleship in the context of a group of people on the same journey. It’s a free course, funded by the church since we believe this is something both worthwhile and strategic to invest in.


In terms of the commitment expected from participants, the course consists of…


  • 3 Saturday away days and 7 Monday evenings (7.30-9.30pm) over the course of the year


  • We also set participants up with a mentor and ask them to meet with them between sessions (i.e. once a month-ish).


  • There are 4 pieces of work / projects which we encourage participants to work on over the year outside of the sessions which are gradually introduced as the course progresses:


  1. a leadership styles questionnaire
  2. a spiritual health check
  3. a life calling statement
  4. a develop a leader brainstorm
For more information speak to Phil Durrant, David Tomlinson or Antony Wareham



Countering the Death Spiral brainstorm

Here’s a template for structuring a proactive response to negative events beyond your control. This is based on some material from Henry Cloud – see the video here.

Grow a leader brainstorm

Here’s a template for structuring your reflection on how to develop a potential / growing leader in your team.

Ministries MOT

An outline for an ‘MOT’ session for ministries which you could use on an annual/bi-annual basis. It includes suggestions for how your ministry team can look back over and celebrate the past year, assess where you currently are ‘at’ under God, and listen to Him together for your next step.

Materials such as flip charts and post-it notes can be available from the office. Hand-outs can also be found here.