CTiC 24-7 Prayer Pop Up

As part of Hope 2018, this September, the Churches Together in Clevedon are offering a week of unbroken prayer to God from Sun 16th – Sun 23rd Sep.


24/7 – night and day – we will be offering an unceasing chain of prayer and praise to God, as we seek his will for, and blessing upon, our town, region and world. Our ‘HQ’ will be a devoted pop-up prayer space in Queen’s Square. RE:MISSION and Changing Lives have generously offered to host us in one of their shopfronts for the week. (Between The Theatre Shop and Superdrug)


The space will offer a creative and interactive environment in which to connect with God as well as to pray strategically for God’s Kingdom to come in our community. It will also host a number of special prayer events during the course of the week.


Sign up for your hour slot at:     www.24-7prayer.com/signup/ca6aea


Please note:

  1. Info for logistics of day and night time slots can be found below and will also be emailed to you upon sign up
  2. You have to click the > arrow to sign up for Sunday 23rd slots
  3. Signing up for a slot involves being physically present at the prayer space – i.e. not praying from home in your PJs! This is both for logistic reasons (i.e. so that we don’t have to keep locking and unlocking the shop), but also because we believe such a sustained physical presence will be a special gift to God and a powerful witness to the community


The astonishing gift of prayer is a key that unlocks doors and changes lives. So let’s pick it up and use it this September!


Scheduled Events During the Week


Sun 16th Sep 3pm The Launch CTiC Event: An hour of worship & prayer together as we kick off the week
Weds 19th Sep 8am Prayer Breakfast CTiC Event: All welcome for pastries and prayer together! Probably going to follow an Anglican morning prayers kinda format!
Weds 19th Sep 7.30pm Evening of Prayer An hour and a half of prayer and praise hosted by Christchurch’s young adult group, but open to young adults from other churches. Come along!
Fri 21st Sep 10am-2pm Prayer 4 Clevedon An opportunity to pray for our town in creative ways. Drop in and pray for 7 areas of life in our community: Arts, Entertainment & Sports; Business; Education; Family; Local Government & Services; Media; and Religion
Fri 21st Sep 2-4pm Art 4 Prayer An opportunity to join others using art to express prophetic prayer and praise
Fri 21st Sep 5.30-7pm YMCA BBQ & Prayer YMCA will be relocating their usual youth drop-in to Queen’s Square and will bring their BBQ! Why not come along for a hot dog and visit the prayer pop up while you’re there?
Sat 22nd Sep 8pm Compline Come along for some traditional evening prayers at dusk before retiring for the night
Sun 23rd Sep 2pm Finish Line CTiC Event: An hour to celebrate and share stories of what God has done during the week… oh yes, and pray!


Further events TBC – Watch this space!


RE:MISSION, a local charity and associate member of CTiC that runs Andrew House and the Changing Lives shops, has kindly let us use their shop in Queen’s Square at a considerable cost to them. We’d love for them not to be out of pocket (and in fact actually blessed!) as a result of their generosity to us. So please pray for them, and if you’d like to financially contribute to their work please find out more by clicking here.


24-7 Prayer is a global prayer movement that has seen continuous prayer offered around the world since 1999. Find out more about the movement here.


Notes For Daytime Prayer Warriors:

Please be aware that between the hours of 9am-5pm we plan for the prayer space to be available to the public (with a ‘prayer space host’ manning the front desk). Please notify / liaise with Phil if you would like to book your slot for exclusive group use at phil.j.durrant@gmail.com / 07845283952. Thanks!


A Few Housekeeping Bits and Bobs Specially for Night Owls:

At midnight I rise to give you thanks (Psalm 119:62)

If you’ve booked to use the prayer room during unsociable (!) hours (5pm – 9am) please be mindful of the following for your own safety:

1) We are encouraging people to come in pairs (so try and find a prayer buddy to come along with you!) and / or to let a friend / family member know where you’ll be and notify them when you get home.

2) During your prayer slot please keep the door locked, and only open it for those arriving for the next shift.The aim is to have a door bell for them to get your attention if necessary and they should be able to confirm their name(s) through the door so that you can double check this against the timetable on the info desk.

3) Bring a mobile phone and if you’re in doubt, or have any problems, please call the ‘on call steward’ whose mobile number will be available on the info table. In there’s an emergency ring 999.

4) Hopefully it shouldn’t happen, but if it there’s a ‘no show’ at the end of your slot (and you don’t fancy another hour!) please don’t leave the prayer room before calling the ‘on call steward’ (see above) to let them know. They’ll come down to take over.

We hope you experience God’s blessing in a powerful way during the watches of the night. People often say these are some of the most powerful and intimate times they’ve experienced with God, so be blessed!